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Hey, my name's Bruno Büll. I'm a comic artist, illustrator and art teacher based in Campinas-SP, Brazil.

My published comics work include: 

Gráinne Mhaol, graphic novel with art by me, story and colors by Gisela Pizzatto (Cló Mhaigh Eo, Ireland, 2013) ;

- The MediKidz comics (Jumo Health, UK/USA) in which I worked mainly as an inker, from 2016 to 2018;

- A Rainha Pirata ("The Pirate Queen"), brazilian edition of Gráinne Mhaol (self-published, Brazil, 2017);

- The Land That Time Forgot: Fear on Four Worlds (American Mythology Productions, USA, 2018)
- Trovões no Rio Negro ("Thunders On Black River"), special edition with script by Marcello Fontana (self published, Brazil, 2018)

- Pellucidar: Wings of Death #01 (American Mythology Productions, USA, 2019).

- Never Die Club - A Cosmonauta ("Never Die Club - The Cosmonaut"), special edition with script by Marcello Fontana (self published, Brazil, 2019)

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